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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

It's been so so so long that I did not update my blog. Can I close it? But.... Mm seh dak la...

Yesterday is Valentine's Day. Usually, we don't celebrate. But baby gave me a surprise call on Monday afternoon by asking me do I want to celebrate or not? Of course I will not missed out any chances of meeting him.

I don't need expensive presents from him. I don't need to go to expensive restaurant with him. I just need him by my side. :)

We have been together for 4 years. And believe it or not, I love him more each day, miss him everyday. :)

Baby, Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

by Vien

Spoke at 9:24 AM

You'll Never Travel Alone~** 9:24 AM

Thursday, September 22, 2011


And after I left BTS, where have I been? 3 days in the next week I left BTS, I joined an Interior Design company. Yes! It's just 3 days, because I can not adapt to the working environment. I know nothing about ID and I don't like going out of the office everyday. So I resigned.

And after a week of Raya and National Day holiday, on 7 September 2011, I joined Pavilion KL. Yea! As a Leasing Executive. Cool ho?

But heavy work load, tired all the time when I reached home, or even half day of work I am already very tired. But not bad. At least I can still smile happily when I meet colleagues.

Tada! Pavilion!

But this round, I don't in charge of promotional area anymore.

And this is my lunch today! :D

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You'll Never Travel Alone~** 4:42 PM

Days with Baby

Out of sudden, baby decided to have a nice dinner one night. And we went to Viva Home, and we saw the nice ID of The Gardens, we decided to have our dinner there.

Baby's steak and my donno what pita thingy. But our lavender tea is really yucky. Never order that when you go there.

And then, the latest public holiday we spent together, we have a great and heavy lunch at Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid. First time baby can not finish the food and never finish them. He was too full. So am I.

The onion ring.

My drunken shrimp.

Baby's super big portion steak.


Miss having nice food. This Sunday, targeting on Korean Food. Yum!!

by Vien

Spoke at 3:02 PM

You'll Never Travel Alone~** 3:02 PM

Bye Bye BTS!!!

After my 3 years and 3 months in BTS, finally I left that place. I feel release.

Although I miss my colleagues, the pantry kakak because she fill warm water for me everyday and make me nice teh tarik and nescafe tarik, my table, the freedom to go walk walk anytime during working hour, all of these so so much. But I think I start to feel better now after 3 weeks in new place.

My place. :)
I had more things than this, but this is like 80% cleared. I forgot to take the original messy picture. :(

My place also..

The office view. Messy right?

I definitely will miss this place that had teman me for more than 3 years. Not easy le. 3 years!!!

by Vien

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You'll Never Travel Alone~** 2:38 PM

Thursday, July 28, 2011

OH NO!!!

Oh no!! My blog is dead.....

Let me update something here first.

Recently seems like a lot of people is waiting for me to get married. And seems like except getting married, I have nothing more to do. When I posted in fb that I am going to start a new life soon, which is actually I am changing a new job soon, but people will start asking me - you getting married ah?

So boring ge meh life? Only marriage meh?

I bet we have many more things to do in our life.

Today just got my body check up. First time in my life. I am serious. So maybe I will get to know I am actually having cancer after I got my report. Who knows? But death is no longer scary after I have Jesus Christ. But of course I will miss baby badly, and poor baby has no one to take care him already.

I am really excited to start my new job. It's been 3 years that my life is so boring. I need some excitement. I hope my new job won't disappoint me. And I will work hard to save money 'for my wedding' as well.

Last few weeks I am being so tired, so stress, and so down, until pimples are all over my face. I hope things will be better very soon. I want the new life soon... :)

Baby is falling in love in being a photographer these days. Haha! And he is improving. :D

by Vien

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You'll Never Travel Alone~** 8:28 PM

Friday, June 17, 2011

When is the last time I blog? I can't remember and I did not check it out. Haha.

What should I blog? I am lazy to upload pictures now as I don't have much new pictures also.

So what should I blog? Currently my latest hot hot hobby now is doing some sewing. Hopefully I can get the first nice one done by this Saturday then by Monday I can upload pictures and show you lo.

Rush me for updates, if not I will not update ga~~~


by Vien

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You'll Never Travel Alone~** 2:20 PM

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pictures Time

Time for pictures again.

My birthday cake. The only one this year, and it's shared with a few of my colleagues.

On my birthday...

From Babi.

Farewell lunch with colleague.

The SGM's birthday cake. -_-" Wonder why do we need to celebrate with her?


The Ji Muis dinner.

Rabbit bao bao that were killed by Baby.

This is cute.

Nice deco.

by Vien

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You'll Never Travel Alone~** 2:35 PM

Thursday, May 12, 2011


My working life is super boring recently. Totally lost interest in my work now. But I don't know what job to change to. So I better stick to it first la. At least it's near by church.


My birthday just over, I only received one present le. But it is okay, I am over the age of asking for presents around. BUT, Liew San Yin still owes me one, or perhaps a few.... teehee...


It's already May, time passes super fast. Half year of 2011 almost gone, what have I done this few months? Nothing much. But I did have some 'memorable' memories la, never ever will forget.


I wrote this in my fb status yesterday: "You may think you are smart enough to create story to cover up your lies, but in the end, you are hurting you beloved ones deeply only... think wisely..." If you are one of them, please wake up and hurt your beloved ones no more. You may feel happy to have what you want, you may think your beloved ones should understand you and support you, but choose wisely on who to hurt and what to choose. The most touching part is no matter how deep you hurt your beloved ones, they will still forgive you, not that finally they accepted what you did is correct, but because they love you so much. Other than you wake up yourself, no one can wake you up.


Camp is coming soon la. Different role this year, will my camp still as fun as last time?

by Vien

Spoke at 3:17 PM

You'll Never Travel Alone~** 3:17 PM

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Halo all~~~

Pei Tze, I am going to update my blog now la.

Recently I am still in love in taking photo with LomoLomo. The effects are just nice.



I love this picture so much. So got feel right?

Too bad that LomoLomo doesn't look that nice in food's pictures.

I am looking forward for the Labour Day public holiday. Finally after 2 months of no public holiday at all, we got a Monday off. Wee~~~~

The June will be Camp Transformation. WOW!!!!!

by Vien

Spoke at 10:56 AM

You'll Never Travel Alone~** 10:56 AM

Monday, March 7, 2011

I am so outdated!!!

Ever since office blocked msn and even my blog's chat box, I don't blog often and even forget to check out buddies' blogs.

Yen Teng reminded me of updating my blog (thanks dear), and after I had updated my blog, it reminded me to check out their blogs.

Wow! I never know Babi Sam had resigned and starts back her student life. And I never know she met an accident.

And I do feel slightly emo when I see Lee Choo, Pei Tze blogging about their happy outing.

Urgh~~~~ Super out lo me.

Ever since I am being 'throw' to AMP, I feel like I lost my friends. Wu wu wu~~~

I am still young la. I am still qualified to be in Youth lo...

Sekarang I hanya ada Baby aku saja. How miserable!!!!

Who is willing to borrow me shoulder this Sunday? I am going to turn on the pipe and make your shirt wet~

by emo Vien

Spoke at 3:42 PM

You'll Never Travel Alone~** 3:42 PM

Lomo Lomo

I just downloaded this photo apps in my phone - Lomo Lomo. I love the effects of the pictures taken.

So got feel ho???

by Vien

Spoke at 3:28 PM

You'll Never Travel Alone~** 3:28 PM

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Day With Full Of Love Floating In The Air~~

Happy Valentine's Day to all~~~

by Vien

Spoke at 11:01 AM

You'll Never Travel Alone~** 11:01 AM

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Barnabas Best Model!

YES AH!!!!

by Vien

Spoke at 9:52 AM

You'll Never Travel Alone~** 9:52 AM

Monday, January 17, 2011

For My Him - I Love You I Do

Never met a man
Quite like you
Doing all he can
Making my dreams come true

You’re strong and you’re smart
You've taken my heart
And I give you the rest of me too

You’re the perfect man for me
I love you I do

Mm I love ya

Never ever felt
Quite like this
Good about myself
From our very first kiss
I’m here when you call
you’ve got it all
And confidence like I never knew

You’re the perfect man for me
I love you I do

You've got the charm
You simply disarm me every time
As long as you drive
I’m along for the ride
Your way
You said it before
There wont be a door
that’s closed to us
Putting all my trust in you
Cause you, you’ll always be true, Oh

I never could have known
This would be,
Oh you and you alone
All for me
I know you’re the best
You passed every test
Its almost too good to be true

You’re the perfect man for me
I love you I do

You’re the perfect man for me
I love you I do

by Vien

Spoke at 9:38 PM

You'll Never Travel Alone~** 9:38 PM

Terlalu Suka This~~~

I love this so so much~~~~ And it's MINE!!!! :D

by Vien

Spoke at 12:35 PM

You'll Never Travel Alone~** 12:35 PM

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chinese New Year @ BTS

15 dishes at Berjaya Times Square for Reunion Dinner~~


But they are all fake ones!! But they look so real and so yummy!!

Gong Xi Gong Xi ah~~~ :D

by Vien

Spoke at 3:35 PM

You'll Never Travel Alone~** 3:35 PM

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Cute ma cute ma?

I bought this yesterday. 4 pcs in a pack. Reserved one for baby already.

I used this to clip my document and send up to manager to get his signature. But he did not scold me at all. Haha!!

by Vien

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You'll Never Travel Alone~** 4:42 PM


Cute right?

by Vien

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You'll Never Travel Alone~** 3:28 PM

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am so sorry because this is going to be an emo post.

I just don't understand why is there such people in this kind of world. Being a man but not acting and behaving like a man.

The Assistant Manager (AM) of my team is this kind of people. I wonder why he can become AM. His English is very terrible. Even out Petra Kids are so much better than him. I am serious. And getting so high pay, he is getting lazier and lazier. He always like to pass his own documents and ask me do for him. He thought I am his assistant. There isn't anything call assistant assistant manager lo. I am an executive, I have a lot of my own things to do. I myself in charge of 30 push carts alone, and I have to do all the documents by myself in every 3 months. He is not helping me at all.

And now he expected me a gal go to an empty lot to measure the size of it. For your information, the empty lot has no light at all, it is totally dark, and roughly the size is 7500 sqft. Yesterday I was on half day leave, and he did not do this task at all, and when the manager asked just now, he looked at me and said: did you measure?

I am totally speechless.

And do you know how great is my company? My company wants the employees to sell coupon for them. And they forced me to take 20 coupons, RM10 each. And no returning back to them. Means if you can not sell out all, you have to pay yourself. Who will buy these coupons from me? Carnival in Berjaya Times Square. Who will come?


Spoke at 10:45 AM

You'll Never Travel Alone~** 10:45 AM

Monday, January 3, 2011

Last few days, one night when I was not at home, my mom told me that my dad fainted. He coughed till faint.

My dad has been coughing even before we went to Korea. He is an asthma patient as well. And in fact, up till this moment, he is still suffering from coughing.

That night, my dad coughed non stop till his whole face turned red, and things on his hands all dropped on the floor, and he was unconscious.

My mom was somewhere near him, and she realized this, she went to him and wake him up. But she had been waking him up for a very long time, she felt so scared and worried. After a very long time, suddenly my dad opened his eyes and asked: "Why? What happened to me?"

I feel so terrible because I was not at home that time. What if my dad needs someone to send him to hospital but my mom doesn't know how to drive? And I really thank God that my mom was somewhere near my dad that time and she got to realize his condition very quick.

These days when I look at my dad, I will look at him for a longer time, because I scare I might just lose him in the next second. I know this is the stage that everyone has to go thru, but I hope my parents get to see me get married and get to see their grandchildren as well.

Be grateful to what you have right now, before it is too late.

by Vien

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You'll Never Travel Alone~** 8:37 AM

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

by Vien

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You'll Never Travel Alone~** 5:49 PM

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Although I did not get to see snow fall, but snow is everywhere at the road side in Korea!! It's my first time to see these~~

by Vien

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You'll Never Travel Alone~** 3:40 PM